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Northern Natural Gas

Natural gas in the Catskills is producing something of a Beverly Hillbillies scenario as people in rural communities find that beneath their land are huge deposits of natural gas. This northern natural gas in places like Wayne County PA is in huge demand as a power source now that the cost of petroleum has risen so steeply.

Natural Gas in The Catskills

While there are other deposits of natural gas throughout America it's the deposits under the Catskills that are drawing the most attention. This northern natural gas field has been described as a Giant Super field so you have some idea of just how extensive and rich this deposit really is.

More and more drilling crews are headed for those deposits of natural gas in the Catskills and the more crews that want to tap into this valuable resource the more money there is flowing into the communities there. And this flow of cash into places like Wayne County PA for their natural gas reserves is not going to end any time soon.

The current estimates for the reserves of this northern natural gas suggests that the wells will be taking natural gas out of the Catskills till at least the middle of this century.
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Northern Natural Gas

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