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Natural Gas Wells

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Natural Gas Wells

Natural gas wells can be traced back to the ancient Chinese as long ago as 900BC. The early natural gas wells were dug with sticks and were obviously very primitive. Even the early natural gas wells dug here in the United States were rather primitive compared to the way a well is dug these days and of course the equipment used to dig a natural gas well has improved over the decades.

Natural Gas Well

Once dug, the natural gas has to be transported to the market place where the natural gas providers can then sell and deliver their product. Since World War II welding technology has developed to the point where pipelines are the most efficient way of moving gas from the well to the natural gas providers and the marketplace. Today natural gas pipelines crisscross America and it is usual for every natural gas well that is dug to be connected to the part of that network of natural gas pipelines that is known as the gathering system.

The natural gas pipeline network is far more extensive than you may imagine and a look at a map of that natural gas pipeline in America would remind you of the network of railway lines that covers the mainland states.
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Natural Gas Wells

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