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Natural Gas Futures

Natural gas futures contracts are usually based on the world’s largest physical commodity futures exchange ... the NYMEX ... which in turn bases it’s measurement on natural gas stocks delivered to the Henry Hub in Louisiana. However, not all trading in natural gas commodities takes the Nymex natural gas prices at the Henry Hub as the basis for the trade.

Trading in natural gas commodities can also be based on the price of natural gas delivered to natural gas centers in other parts of the United States and Canada and natural gas futures can also be traded off the NYMEX and submitted to NYMEX via their website.

Trading Natural Gas Commodities

Natural gas accounts for around 25 percent of energy consumption within the United States and so you can see that natural gas futures play an important part in the natural gas industry and in the economy as a whole. Nor can the role of the NYMEX natural gas prices be ignored when you’re considering trading in natural gas commodities.

Each component relies heavily on all the others to ensure that natural gas trading is a profitable way of doing business in this industry.
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Natural Gas Futures

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